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iDesk360 one stop customer interaction tool, connected with all of the following digital channels to build better user CX

Live Chat

Social Media channels Management

Single platform to manage Facebook comments, messaging. Analyze all the data of user/customer interactions with your business to predict customer behavior. Instagram business account integration and manage same manner. Now it is much easier to monitor your agent working status, get instant various reporting including agent performance, customer sentiment etc. Reply to your youtube video comments from iDesk360 as well. For more information please knock us, we are happy to assist you.

Messaging Platform

iDesk360 also connected with different messaging channels including WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat. So it is now really easy and administer all of the communications seamlessly. So if you interested please contact us. We will manage it for you.

Ticketing and Email Management

Ticketing the most vital part of customer support, iDesk360 also providing ticketing solutions integrated with your business Email. So Email supervision smooth no chance of lose any email response. Also supported internal ticket creation as well as auto ticket creation on receiving new email.

AI+Agent Based Web Chat

iDesk360 will also will be connected with Ai based chatbot as well as human interacted webchat that is managed from the same platform can also be managed by same agent

Powerful Insights

We improve your decision-making strategies by providing you with essential and powerful business insights. We provide analytics on several aspects including customer sentiment analysis and agents performance reports. With iDesk360’s analytical features, we aim to improve your user experience and enhance your ability to understand your customers' sentiments.